How to Find and Hire WordPress Expert and Developer With Ease

Once again, lots of research and making sure to ask the right questions are the key to finding the right team. Your dev team might be able to build you a cool eCommerce plugin, but it’s pointless if there is already one available. For more complex projects, it’s best to go with a development team or WordPress development company that includes multiple specialists. We will start by examining what separates junior programmers from the experts, and what makes a great dev team.

wordpress expert for hire

One of those tools is the Kinsta Agency Directory, which features a list of all of our trusted agency clients. For example, if you use Codeable to hire developers, then it can cost $70-$150 per hour, which can be a bit steep for some beginners. If you want to create a customized theme or plugin to increase the functionality of your WordPress website, then you should hire a developer to do it for you. WordPress Jobs is the official job listing website that is maintained by

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Communication would play a central role in your project’s success, especially if you have remote WordPress developers on your team. As such, layout a plan on how you plan on sustaining synchronous and asynchronous communication, along with a list of preferred tools and channels. As such, they offer the same benefits while mitigating location issues. Some may complain that communication can pose to be an issue while working with a remote developer, not to mention that the problem worsens if they are located at a different time zone.

It follows a strategic and careful six-step screening process to find WordPress experts and hire the best one. In this article, we will highlight 12 trusted platforms and sources, and some tips on how to find and hire the best WordPress developers. Once you have ironed out all the details and mutually agreed upon the terms of recruitment or engagement, it is only a matter of setting such information in stone in the form of a contract.

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We want you to skip the hurdles that surface when you hire sub-par WordPress developers. No business can afford to overpay WordPress developers and still have unsatisfied, confused, and frustrated customers on their website. Your ideal developer should be capable of managing everything from hosting agency websites to seamlessly creating top-tiered ecommerce stores. Here is a list of trusted sources you can use to find and hire WordPress Developers of top caliber.

wordpress expert for hire

Such developers have much more skills and experience than average WordPress developers. Custom theme development can be complex, which is also true for plugin development. This is why you need to use the right tools and hire WordPress developers who know their stuff. When trying to find a new developer, you will likely choose to post your project to a freelance platform.


It offers low-fee contractors, so if you are just starting and want low-cost web development services, Fiverr can be an ideal place to land developers for your business. The advantage is you can review all candidates’ profiles and hire developers best suited to your needs. The details of the candidates, like past work, experience, skill sets, and ratings, are visible in their profiles. Another advantage is finding freelance WordPress developers within your budget. As WordPress continues to grow, the dependency of businesses on WordPress is also increasing to a large extent.

  • Our practice-proven process has helped over 300 businesses, including Samsung, Airbus, Nec, Disney, and top startups, build great online products since 2016.
  • Codeable is also a good option because they ensure that their clients get high-quality work by only hiring the top 2% of WordPress developers.
  • However, if you need something more specialized, then you will need to hire a developer for help.
  • Discuss different ways of installing plugins into a theme and explain one of the ways of doing it.
  • A seasoned WordPress website designer can elevate a project beyond what a WordPress developer alone could do.
  • Changing a theme changes how a site looks, i.e., what people see when browsing your website.

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