COVID-19 faq

Coronaviruses are a family of infections that can cause minor respiratory health issues. They also are known to extended person-to-person between people with close get in touch with, such as coughing or coughing or through droplets exhaled during speaking.

How can an individual catch this kind of disease?

COVID-19 spreads once someone who is certainly infected with it really is sick or perhaps has a fever. If a person is hurt, the CDC recommends that they stay home and away from work, school and also other activities until they are simply well.

How long does this consider?

The CDC says that this takes about 14 days for the coronavirus to spread individually for each person. If someone has a fever, it is best to place them at home and away from actions until they are well.

What can I do to help stop this disease?

The best way to stop this disease is to get vaccinated. The CDC has a set of authorized vaccines and booster devices.

What can I do to assist protect personally and my children?

In addition to getting a vaccination, the CDC advises following these guidelines to reduce the risk of having this disease:

Use disinfectants on visible surfaces in your home. Check the merchandise label to ensure you are employing a household medical disinfectant that is suitable for your situation.

Clean and disinfect areas that are infected with the pathogen, such as counter tops, doorknobs and shower minds. Wash the hands immediately after washing these surfaces with water and soap.

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